Heat, furniture and decoration.

29/11/2016 2 0 149

Winter is here. Cold, rain and wind are characteristics of this time and, although in Valencia it does not last long, being prepared is better. In Ideas Interiorismo® we bet on bioethanol fireplaces in our projects because they are both decorative and efficient. They do not emit any smell, they do not need electrical installations, are easy to clean and have a high calorific value. We can integrate them inside the bespoke furniture and, of course, we use fire-resistant materials and we leave the necessary ventilation for these kinds of fireplaces. Following the instructions of the manufacturer is very important for their installation as we have to bear in mind that they are fireplaces with real fire. Furthermore, they are considered eco-friendly as they do not contaminate neither the ground nor the air, they are based in natural resources that grow year after year. There is a wide range of designs depending on the style we want to give to our house, there are some that go unnoticed when they are not on. Place a fireplace in your home, you will be looking forward winter.

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