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Transform your home into a natural space

26/02/2016 0 1 1029

It seems that the natural trend has arrived in order to stay and the thing is that, for some time now, “green elements” invade all the aspects of our life, from food, including clothes and mobility, to our homes decoration. We are going to give you some ideas so that you can create your own simple and customized space using natural elements.

Firstly: materials. Wood in light tones and with a natural finish will provide that touch we need to create a current and plain atmosphere. If you do not have the possibility to change the furniture, use natural fabrics like wool, silk, linen or cotton that, in addition to providing comfort and quality, they will give that fresh aspect we are looking for. Renovate curtains, covers, cushions and linen, moreover, place some woolen rug (if it is organic, better), you will feel the change.

Make the most of the natural lighting. Save energy using natural light to the maximum. Do not use furniture that prevent the light from entering into the stay and use more illuminated zones as spaces for activities where you need light. Utilize curtains or sun blinds in light colours and without prints allowing the maximum brightness to enter into the room. The colour of the walls are also a good allied, choose bright colours and ecological paint. At night, create a warm and inviting environment with some candles.

Furthermore, you can use natural stone on walls and floorings, its versatility will supply a wide range of possibilities of tones and textures. Use them in interiors and exteriors, mix them with glass and invent your own world.

If you have any other idea, do not hesitate to tell us, in Ideas Interiorismo® we love receiving your comments.


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