Ideas para optimizar el espacio de tu hogar

Ideas to optimize the space of your home

31/03/2016 1 0 806

Have you got problems with your space? Whether your home is big or small, getting the most out of your space and keep it tidy will be essential in order to live comfortably. Throughout the years we accumulate things and the space gets reduced. We leave you some ideas in order to use the spaces in the best possible way.

Place the chests of drawers or an extra bed under the beds in the bedrooms. Use them to save linens, toys or anything you could need. If you have the possibility of placing an attic it is the perfect solution in order to install a bed and enjoy the space below, also, if it is the children bedroom it will be fun for them, if not, it will give an original touch.

In the kitchen, use the space between the furniture at the top and the bench to place hangers where to hook utensils like pots, slotted spoons, etc., the sides of the chest of drawers are also an ideal place to adapt pans and other tools. Moreover, you can use a wheel table you can fit in the main piece of furniture of the kitchen in order to have the possibility of hiding it when you are not using it. In the drawers, the divisors will be your great ally.

In the bathroom, put shelves on the free areas on the wall and use the inside of the cabinets for the cleaning products. You can use the back of the entrance door to hang the towels.

In the living room, prioritize the multifunctional cabinets with chest of drawers, a sofa-bed, bookcases and shelves in order to have everything perfectly organized. Moreover, choose light colors for the walls and do not forget lighting, it will help you to get a feeling of wideness.

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