Decoration ideas, laminate flooring.

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The laminate flooring is formed with panels composed of wood derivatives bonded with high consistency resins. They imitate natural wood offering a better resistance than wood floorings, impermeability and fire-resistant quality. Moreover, its maintenance is easy, only a mop is needed. When choosing laminate flooring, we have to take into account, firstly, the spot where it is going to be placed. The floorings are classified having into consideration their properties and their election will depend on their intended use: moderate, normal or intensive. As more use, more resistance we will need. Secondly, the aesthetic aspect is essential. The colour of the flooring affects your perception of space. Warm tones make big rooms more inviting. Lighter colours give spaciousness and brightness to the small stays. On the other hand, its combination with the furniture is fundamental. The set will change our home personality. Whichever your style is and the use you

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Aislamiento térmico aconsejado por decoradores en Valencia

Thermal insulation: a good solution for the environment and the home economy.

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The thermal insulation is used for keeping steady the interior temperature of our home, independently of that in the exterior. Nowadays, more than half of the buildings in Spain do not have the necessary thermal insulation to keep the temperature we get with the heating or the air conditioning. This causes an excessive energy consumption that affects the environment and the home economy. That is why, when realizing a renovation, this aspect has to be taken into account. There are different materials we can use as insulation: polyurethane foam, polystyrene, mineral wools, wood fibres, among others. The different materials have different thickness, density and cold or hot resistance and we will choose them depending on the features of the area we are using them: doors, floorings, walls or ceilings. Also, we will use double glazing for our windows. There are only advantages: a good thermal insulation reduces the electricity bill,

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Utilización bombillas bajo consumo por decoradores valencia

Decoration Ideas, Led lighting.

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For some time now, we have been hearing about led lighting, it consumes less energy and lasts more, but most of the people think that they are only strip lights. Nowadays, there are many conventional bulbs used in the interior of our house that we can replace with led bulbs at very reasonable prices, you can get one from 12.00€. Apart from the reasonable price, we also can choose the tonality of the bulb, cold for giving a more white tone as it can be in the kitchen and bathrooms or warm for the living rooms and bedrooms where we want to create a coziest atmosphere. When decorating a stay, the interior designers give a great importance to lighting and not only where the lamp is placed but where it lights up and its grade and tonality. With the conventional lighting we are bound to an only tonality, with led

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Pintura ecológica para la decoración de exteriores.

Decoration ideas, Ecological paint for exteriors.

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Some days ago we spoke about ecological paint for interiors and about the benefits it has for our health and home. Today, we want to speak about the ecological paint for exteriors as, apart from being beneficial for us, it is also beneficial for the planet. With it we will decorate the facade while eliminating the nitrogen oxide from the air. We add photocatalytic titanium dioxide. Once the facade is painted the carbon dioxide is deposited on it, when light hits it, the titane dioxide becomes nitrate oxide, which is innocuous, while the ozone becomes oxigen. When it rains, the nitrate, which is very soluble, is eliminated from the facade. The photocatalytic effect is also capable of decomposing seaweeds and organic dirty so that our facade will be clean for a longer period. Decoration for protected facades for many years, clean and with a permanent color without forgetting that… They

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