The formula of happiness has been finally discovered

IdeasInteriorismo® is not a business nor a company; it is the perfect support for experiencing endless sensations.


A formula that has being setting for 10 years in the studio of Reino de Valencia, 73. A decade creating smiles, making dreams come true and what we are the most proud of: innovating every day in order to be the best oneiric architects.

Ideas Interiorismo is more than a factory of hopes, it is you: companies, housewives, lawyers, teachers, restaurants, public institutions, etc.

We are a human chain in a constant interaction that, like the Solar System, rotates around a being: “the idea”, because an idea is unique, personal, non-transferrable and particular. Because we want your project to be different to the rest and it identifies with your values. Because you trust on us, we want to give you our formula of happiness and you can share it and enjoy with those you desire to do it.

If you sum architecture, design, lighting, landscaping and interior design and you elevate it to its maximum power, the result is not very different from perfection.


Ways and ways of doing…

“The future has many names. For the weak, it means the unattainable. For the fearful, it means the unknown. For the courageous, it means opportunity.” Víctor Hugo.

The business success lies in the good management of a company, some ethical regulations and some values that define it and which are never altered independently of the adverse situations that can happen in every moment. It is a game of inseparable dualisms that has a capital role in Ideas Interiorismo.

Its manager, Carlos Frejo, is conscious of the importance of achieving goals that go beyond the economic benefits, in order to make a company work.

“Maximizing the benefits as a unique corporate goal brings as a consequence a deterioration with respect to our clients service and a carelessness in the qualities and finishes of our projects; our objective is doing things well.”


Combative creativity

Nowadays it is the perfect weapon, the sticking point, the cornerstone that supports the companies and the difference in this jungle of the supply and demand. For this reason, Carlos keeps on innovating, investigating and experiencing with new designs that are not only impressive but useful and with a high content of environmental respect. “There is not a challenge that we cannot reach”, the manager claims.

“Some heads think more effectively than only one”

The motivation in the work affects positively in the benefits of the company. Encouraging the workers, giving them work-life balance, etc. but all of this is nonsense without their total implication in the decisions of the company, the execution of the projects and brainstorming. A good corporate climate generates loyalty. There are ways and ways of doing…

Carlos Frejo Selles

Ana Belén Ruiz Cuenca

Pilar Ciscar Cardona

Borja Cloquell Cardona

Núria Claver Cuenca

Rubén Soler Ferrer

Humberto Navarro Moliner

Miguel Ángel Moreno Mateo

Professionals of the construction

We have a team of industrial workers experts in interior design and avant-garde constructions. A model of work distant from the traditional construction standards.