Spanish dwellings are 70 years old on average, their renovation and adaptability improve their appearance, provide renovated equipment and structures and make savings in the power consumption. Ideas Interiorismo® ease the development of home renovations as an investment so that the clients can enjoy their property.

Likewise the different administrations, being aware of the lacking of activity in the sector, plan subsidies and aids for housing restoration having into account different aspects.

When planning a renovation, it is necessary to think about its profitability having into account that, sometimes, the planning of a bigger restoration is cheaper than the planning of a smaller one. But the simple act of implementing changes in the housing back some people out.

Ideas Interiorismo® presents their own decalogue about housing renovation and decoration, in order to raise awareness of the new way of realizing a renovation processes.


  1. Adaptability of the company and the client when facing a certain project. Nowadays, finding the connection point between the company and the client is, more than ever, necessary. From the realization possibilities to the price.
  2. Customization of every project. All the clients are unique, their interests and preferences must be studied in order to make a made to measure model of every initiative.
  3. Virtual presentation of the project. Through a renderization project, the clients can see the final result of their renovation digitally.
  4. Continuous updating and searching of new trends.  Ideas Interiorismo® is always informed of all the novelties in design, materials and trends.
  5. Not exceeding the due dates of the project realization. Ideas Interiorismo® bets on the construction realization estimated timing reduction.
  6. A coordinated and united work team that offers the maximum attention to every detail. Every member of the human team of Ideas Interiorismo® adopts a culture of education and good practice.
  7. Cleaning and care of the common areas and the areas of the contractor. One of the main neighbouring conflicts derives from the consequences of the construction made. Ideas Interiorismo® is concerned about these questions managing them in every moment.
  8. Continuous monitoring. The client will be constantly informed of the project evolution and its details.
  9. Energy efficiency. Thermal insulation of the façade and floorings, excellent use of the lighting, good election of the materials and useful equipment in order to make savings in water are some of the key premises that provide the contractor with savings in the medium and long-term, being respectful with the environment.
  10. Perfection in the finishes.  Detailed revision of every space in order to guarantee the best finishes.