Balsells seguros

From Benifaió (a village in Valencia) we were asked for a complete renovation for Insurance Company. Óscar Balsells, having 13 years of experience and a team of professionals ensuring complete services, needed a different image for his entity.

From Ideas Interiorismo we based on the origin of the surname Basells, as it is unique in the whole town. Thus, we work from a personal and exclusive perspective with a direct naming.

The heraldic origin represented on the surname shield let us makes reference to a tree from the confiner family; a pine: symbol of cooperatives and resistance. From there we simplified it and focused on the leaves; with the aim of appealing to the triple l the term Balsells contains. A simple typeface, with no artifices, sans serif would complete the set, with curved lines combining with the straightness of the l.

Together with the name, we composed an easy to recognize isotope that provides value and memory to the brand. In this way we worked with the letters L, joining together as if they were leaves and articulating a symbolic pine on a horizontal plane, they were like inverted arrows like a memory of a long career. An opened box was used to keep the symbol composing the visual identity with natural and balanced colours. Green olive and greenish cream colours help for the composition.

See interior design project.