Balsells Insurance Company

This company has a new location, new corporate image and new facilities. The job was clear, we had to turn things around for this insurance company with a strong background in business and make it a cutting edge company as refers to design, image and services.

We suggested a visual and functional but unconventional design where the traditionally octagonal spaces became diagonal divisions, circular paths, impossible encounters and discontinuous separations. We have worked with rustic woods, corporate coats, industrial steel and an infinite flooring, a simple natural range of materials with which we could create a space where the industrial and minimal styles are mixed.

As we come into the company, a wide room where the different tables are set welcomes us. In the centre, it stands an astonishing wooden circular cover hiding a concrete pillar. It creates an interplay of lights and shades in the room so it becomes a completely masterpiece.

Some meters forward, we find “the jewel of the crown”: a glazed and polygonal meeting room, flanked by an uncommon circular toilet and by the director´s office. A ceiling formed by 64 wooden beams starting in the centre of the room spreads through the ceiling and dies in the perimeter enclosure.

In the inside of the meeting room, we can see a huge boardroom adapted to the space with its double natural Marquina marble circular and surrounded by six chairs that give the colour touch to the space.

The public toilet and private bathroom follow the elaborate designs of the project. In this case, the Neolith large format cladding like the Marquina Black and the Statuary White provide these rooms with equal touches of elegance and sophistication, at the same time, the wooden continuous cladding gives some warmth and the perfect balance.

The image, present in every corner, makes a unique and personal project.


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