The brand Piedra Flex® is defined as the concept of flexibility. Under this adjective, we define a product apparently rude, heavy and static, in a flexible, curved and dynamic element. The characteristic of Piedra Flex is the product of natural stone and resin layer, with a stony appearance but in a flexible layer.


The symbol is generated by the representation of a flexible layer that, when folded generates a P for Piedra (stone in Spanish). Spaces, shades and gaps have been taken into consideration in order to get a coherent symbol in concept and with a good application in ink.


Additionally, sans serif typography has been used in bold, with its finishes decorated in curve to highlight the concept of flexibility. This allows for unifying typography and symbol under a visual coherence.



In the different applications, we try to break the vertical and horizontal lines and providing the letter sheets or cards with a graphic curve that promotes the idea of a flexible product.