Espinola fisioterapia avanzada – osteopatía

Espinola name creation is the metaphor of the concept of pain and its recovery process. This is reflected in the gradient set. From red (pain) through cream (skin) and getting to blue (welfare feeling). This chromatic dynamism, with pastel colors as protagonists, makes us to get involved in the processes of everyone.



In this case, the use of these gradients are as important and identifying of the brand as the name itself. Customizing color sets is interesting to be recognizable and to generate our own brand identity. The gradient from red to cream, from blue to navy blue or from red to blue defines Espinola. The kindness of this branding resides in this characteristic.



The brand is composed with the F (from Fisioterapia, Spanish for physiotherapy) as the protagonist, with an added foot so that it becomes an E (for Espinola) and this way, closing the main concepts: Espinola = Physiotherapist. Likewise, it is framed in a circle that symbolizes the trigger points that physiotherapists treat in order to alleviate the pain directly. All these elements describe an activity: Espinosa-Physiotherapist, it alleviates the pain and it assures your well-being.