Happy, Bar – Café

Happy is a young and friendly bar with good food. It falls within the scope of tapas and conversation. It is place where to gather to enjoy.



We have based our work on current and new premises with a bright, alive, nice and appealing project and with a projection through a logotype that frames itself to reach a clear objective: to be a meeting point where the way you feel is linked to happiness.

Handwritten lines for the composition of an everyday and common name, but which cannot be conceived differently. Through the final “Y”, we lead to a sign that adds a creative touch to the brand and its common use for a coherent coexistence with the everyday life.

The brand as a whole is framed in a square that gives a particular personality and professionalism to the young project, and it could be understood as an experienced brand. We have chosen yellow, obviously, as sign of light and life so that we could elaborate a chromatic cohabitation in pastel shades combining perfectly well with the vegetation lines and drawings.

Walls and fun corporate pieces like the extensive menu you can try and a simple but identifiable decoration are the keys for Happy to get happiness, undoubtedly.