Kanròs Restaurant

An exquisite design, subtle lines and a meticulous elaboration for a brand that inspires what it projects. An elegant restaurant with personality where the kitchen is the main protagonist and the corporate work goes with the content and form in a coherent way.


An analysis of those exclusive restaurants that can converge on the work dynamic of Kanròs through their image and evolution and we have formed a competitive brand with a strong personality.



In its beginnings the name composition had an unnecessary dash that we simplified to improve its conceptualization. Through a modified font with alternative lines, we found an avant-garde and sincere initial impression, for a restaurant full with harmony and tradition but with new needs in a constant evolving market.



A brand inspired by the diversity of ingredients used in the cuisine and, of course, in Kanròs Restaurant. We have used versatile chromatic synergies of natural colours and traditional nuances, with no artifices, suitable for seasonality, for the menu, the event or pure and natural conditions given with an independent criterion that combines with elegant white and black colours.

See interior design project.