Llesca, pà i café.

The name creation is defined by the space and the product. We speak about bakery/cafetería with a workshop, where the protagonist has to be the bread. The variety of possibilities that it has to be treated with different uses makes it a good option. The slice is a metonymy (the part of the whole), it allows us for using and savoring the bread. We use it in different ways: for breakfast (slice), as a dessert (French toast), for lunch (sándwich) or as an apetizer (tapa)…



The location gives us a key and aesthetic identifying factor. Slice/French toast = LLESCA (Slice in Valencian dialect). As for brand building, we use the “LL” for Llesca, crossing it with the line and giving to it a new symbology next to the ear of wheat. We mix here the capital of the name with the base of the product.


The typography used is extrabold, bringing a great strength and presence but with smooth and sweet finishings that make the logo more human. Next to it, a brand claim closes more delicate and smooth in order to define the activity.


A set of colors: pink, yellow and blue are fused together with the wood in the premises giving to it a very modern and fresh nordic style.