Oliveira Drink & Food.

Oliveira is a brand that plays with the concept of dualism. Between tradition and modernity, between day and night, between food and drink, between wood and metal… All these steps lead us to meet the protagonist of the restaurant that it is also a referent in order to provide the branding with identity: the Olive tree (that gives the name to the restaurant).



The Olive tree is highlighted from the entrance in the great premises and allows us to continue defending the concept of tradition and mediterranean atmosphere. But the brasilian touch of the owner and the cook should be reflected in the brand so that we have a personal naming: OLIVEIRA.


Their brand is built with a lettering providing simplicity and tradition but transmitting details of modernity. The game with the manual graphics together with the temperate and elegant secondary typography, allow us to continue with the role of concept dualism. The same happens with the colors: pink and blue (the day and night).



The branding is supported by a set of olive trees textures as a fifth element, in order to continue giving prominence to the tree presiding the restaurant.