Restaurante Casa Valentín.

Casa Valentín picks the surname and we have “turn the term casa (house in Spanish) upside down”, drafting a line that together with the “L” and “T”, embraces the logotype drawing of an inverted house.


The roof is placed under the logotype with an added value. We used an inverted triangle, which means to be a conceptual “V” and, at the same type, frames the logo on its base, adding colour and modernity to an experience restaurant with faithful customers.


We have worked with a slogan that defines how they work and, of course, this new period where, besides the corporate part, Casa Valentín opts for an interior renovation that has added a global meaning to the whole creation, because our bet and its previous study is based on the customization and a conceptualization that provides with value and emotion as it leads to a close and evident identification of the costumer.



Besides a change in the brand and image, Casa Valentín has trusted on the corporate development of different pieces that close a circle. From now, it is conceived as a triangle, symbol of harmony and a good projection.