Singular Padel

Singular Padel is a powerful brand with aspirations in the long term and with a strong differentiation within the environment in which it competes. Singular Padel positions itself in the professional and amateur padel player sector to be a distinguishing mark in the sports value and distinguished game.

We have worked with a well balanced, dynamic and impressive Corporate Visual Identity, which shows the evolution through the different paddle models the brand, is intended to make consecutively. With a wide, modern, curvilinear font with a hard stroke and easy to read, Singular Pádel searches for distinction, but mainly for the models appreciation as a lure for the costumers with a good taste and the design of the paddles.

A representative isotope not only of the chosen paddles model to represent Singular Padel composes it, but also do the dots simulate the holes in any padel paddle. We do not search for any tool, but a tool for padel.

Likewise we show the first model presented with a meaningful sense when we call it ID Singular. It is the way to identify the brand, it is the access to the market, as if it was a customs inspection, a fingerprint is crowned as the strong bet so that the connection with the user related to the market, the taste for the aesthetics and the practice of a sport for all but that requires a certain demand.