Ecorider, Life on wheels

A name creation determined by the client opens the door to the world of electric scooters to us. We work here with metonymy (a resource we love). In this case, the part as an idea of the whole is the wheel. An element that we will use to diferentiate ourselves from those who walk on the streets. We get, in this way, to the brand claim “life on wheels”, with clear connotations of expressing when things go well.



It was important to express the brand in motion, the mobility, the speed and the movement. The use of the tail that our main protagonist, the wheel, generates, defines a very representative personal symbol and with a great visual strenght. The logo, in turn, composed by the lines that the tial generates, originates movement in its letters. The curve shapes are highlighted (the concept of the wheel) and the merger between the E and the final R. The speed feeling and of movement is underscored in this brand.



The color blue provides the definition of the electric product. In the Ecorider branding, the lines set that generate movement are useful to establish several lines of the product. With them, we obtain very iconic illustrations that will be used for the organization and definition in different elements of adaptations. We also work in several lines in order to adapt the product and highlight the lifestyle that Ecorider is introducing.